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Holding Fixtures
Holding Fixtures are designed to hold the workpiece in a specified orientation. These fixtures are used in general manufacturing processes. Holding Fixtures have got high dimensional stability and resilience, therefore, these devices ensure longevity and optimum performance.
Hot Foil Dies
Hot Foil Dies are made from premium grade metallic alloy that is resistant to chemical attacks, impacts, and tough conditions. These dies are used in industrial applications that require a precision and high-performance foil die. Hot Foil Dies are available in customized sizes and designs as per the requirements of our customers.
Hot Foil Stamping Machine
Hot Foil Stamping Machine is unmatched in terms of design and quality. It is a ruggedized machine equipped with high-precision components and tools, which are responsible for its longevity and reliable performance. This machine is easy to use and maintain owing to its ergonomic design and user-friendly operations.